Facts About Oppo F19

Oppo F19 review: The Oppo F19 is a compact digital camera which can be considered as the perfect companion for those who like taking pictures. While the main advantages of this camera are its compact size and the relatively inexpensive price tag, there are also some merits which make it stand out above the competition. For starters, this camera has two main cameras in one package. The digital single lens reflex (SLR) camera has an option to mount a mirror on the front or the back of the camera. This allows the user to take pictures without looking into the viewfinder.

As far as the lenses are concerned, the Oppo F19 has a tri-folding camcorder setup which has a large single lens covering most of the viewing area of the viewfinder. The cameras also have a pentaprism allowing the user to change from a wide angle to a medium or small angle and vice versa. It does not have a flash lock which means it will not work well at night. In terms of the secondary cameras, the Oppo F19 has two types of advanced filters, namely the Smena filter and the Hi tone filter.

The Oppo F19 is quite an innovative camera which offers some features which are not available with other modern smartphones. This device also has a microSD  Oppo F19 slot for additional storage expansion and this helps it to retain more data. Apart from the large display, this smartphone also offers a large capacitive touch sensitive display which has very high resistance to being wiped off. The battery of this Oppo F19 is also impressive and offers a long talk time of around 10 hours.

One of the unique aspects of this smartphone is the six. 43-inch Super AMOLED display which is the biggest available in the market presently. This screen size allows it to multitask quickly and efficiently. It comes with ambient light sensors and also has OEIZ comfort technology. This handset runs on android system, so you need to get the appropriate drivers to use it on your android OS devices such as tablets and smart phones. The support for USB C and fast charging is present in this device along with some advanced gestures such as double tap to focus the camera.

The Oppo F19 is available from many mobile stores in India like Spice, Indiatimes, PayTM, Vodafone, Tesco, MasterCard etc. At these online stores, you can also avail of the free accessories like the free memory card, freebie text message app, free VOIP calling plans, free Google Play app and free connectivity option with Bajaj Fin Serv. The manufacturer of this smartphone has also made available several user friendly features and add ons. The connectivity options with Bajaj include 4G and 3G bands in addition to the regular 2G and GSM bands.

This Oppo F19 has a unique dual tone feature wherein the front side has black and white colors while the back has a bright colorful emi mode with two colors, namely, blue and red, respectively. The dual tone feature makes the phone look attractive and eye catching, especially when one wants to have a colorful look on his or her handset. There are also a few other colorful features of this handset like blue and red widgets which come along with the black widgets. The Oppo F19 also supports data connectivity and supports MMS and HSDPA protocols, data auto buffering, microSD slot, video playback and Bluetooth 4.0.